The Consultation of Neuropsychology is done by Dr. Carla Lourenço, with a background in Clinical Psychology and a specialty in Clinical Neuropsychology.

It uses in the consultation, several Psychological tests, neurological, neuropsychological and imaging tests, that can be used as auxiliaries in the evaluation. Diagnostic procedures are based on the field of psychopathology: criteria widely used nowadays, mainly in public health, are the ICD-10 of the World Health Organization, and the DSM-V of the American Psychiatric Association.

Group 1 (A1 A2 AM A, B1 B BE) or Group 2 (C1C D1D C1E CE D1E DE -B Taxi, B priority vehicle, and B vehicle collective transportation children CBT). Conducts psychological capacity assessments for drivers and drivers of light-duty vehicles with physical handicaps / handicaps, working in conjunction with the General Practitioner and Family Physician. Performs psychological opinions, through psychological evaluation methods and technicians

Advanced psychometric tests (Vienna Test System) – for damage assessment processes and conductivity assessment boards. It performs Psychotechnical Exams, for admission to the public function, through standardized tests, in order to select candidates, usually before the interview, where a set of exercises are considered, proposed to the candidate, to measure and evaluate aspects important for the performance of the function, such as mental development, skills, abilities, knowledge, etc.

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