General Surgery – Proctology

Dr. António Araújo Teixeira, General Surgeon who has always assumed his differentiation in Proctological Surgery, is recognized by the Medical Class for having one of the largest surgical experiences in this area.

A very specific specialty in hemorrhoids, fissures, rectal prolapses … a constantly updated specialty. It guarantees a highly specialized service of the highest quality, providing its patients with the most modern techniques in the medical and / or surgical treatment of hemorrhoids (PPH-Long Operation), fissures and anal fistulas. The use of these new techniques, less and less painful, made it possible, in certain cases, to perform surgery in the outpatient setting (without hospitalization).

This sub specialization (Proctology) and consequent experience gained over the years, have made the Clinic the main reference center in hemorrhoidal surgery, fissure and anal fistula, in the South.

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