Clinical Psychology

The psychology consultation aims at intervention from the child to the adult with the objective of identifying, evaluating, diagnosing and establishing the criteria of intervention in a close relationship (patient, family, school) aiming at solving the problem (s) and the quality of life at all levels (personal, family, social).

It is considered of enormous importance the multidisciplinary intervention, in order to provide access to different areas of intervention that is an added value in an objective vision that is holistic objective and directed to the well-being of each and every one involved in a therapeutic process that one wishes to meet the needs of those who seek support and answers to their problems.

In the context of consultation, we seek to understand the patient and the surrounding context in a perspective of directing all the action according to appropriate evaluative and therapeutic standards.

“Much more must happen in your mind than those that come to your consciousness. Come on, let me teach you something about this problem! … Turn your eyes inside, contemplate your own depths, learn to know yourself first! Then you will understand why you are destined to become ill and perhaps avoid getting sick in the future. ”
Thinking Sigmund Freud

Dra. Ana Sousa Jardim Licentiate in Clinical Psychology

  • Specialization in Psychological Evaluation
  • Psychotherapist
  • Neuropsychologist

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