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Gynecology / Obstetrics

Consultations and examinations that allow, trace, diagnose and treat various pathologies of the gynecological, such as cervical pathology, as well as the diagnosis, and evaluation of obstetric pathology, through the follow-up of pregnancy, and postpartum follow-up.

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General and Family Healthcare

It focuses on delivering primary health care. In this Medical Specialty, the patient is observed in its biological, psychological and social component together with other specialties. The Family, as a unit, is also its object of study.

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Vascular surgery

It consists of improving the life of people suffering from venous disease (varicose veins): dilatation and tortuosity of the veins, usually of the lower limbs, which occurs due to a deficiency of the valves and internal walls of the veins, which cause blood to not circulate back to the heart, allowing its accumulation within the same or sometimes its reflux.

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The psychology consultation aims at intervention from the child to the adult with the objective of identifying, evaluating, diagnosing and establishing the criteria of intervention in a close relationship (patient, family, school) aiming at solving the problem (s) and the quality of life at all levels (personal, family, social).

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About Clínica Viana

The José Viana Medical Clinic, located in Faro, has as its main area medical clinics and general and family medicine, as well as obstetrics and gynaecology. It has been operating in the Portuguese market for several years and has always guided its services for quality, professionalism and competence.

We have a team of qualified professionals and high-quality products so the result is an excellent service at competitive prices.

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Sou paciente do doutor à pouco tempo, mas tem sido 5*, recomendo.

Fátima MartinsFacebook

5* Recomendo! Super atencioso e explica tudo muito bem!

Mónica AfonsoFacebook

Há 21 anos que sou paciente do Dr. Viana, realizou o parto dos meus dois filhos. Sempre com um grau de excelência máxima e um lado humano extraordinário. Com uma equipa extremamente profissional na clínica. Muito obrigado !!!!

Fátima PedroFacebook

Pena o máximo a poder atribuir aqui ser só 5 estrelas, pois o Dr Viana e a sua equipa valem muito mais!!! Aconselho vivamente sem sombra de dúvidas, seriedade, rigor, profissionalismo... um MÉDICO fantástico, simpático, prático e muito humano. ADORO! Parabéns e muito sucesso. Sua fã há 11 anos. Obrigada por tudo! Beijinhos

Magda MarinhoFacebook

Tive uma excelente experiência! O Dr. Viana e a sua equipa são TOP!

Andrea OrelhaFacebook