Pediatrics of Neurodevelopment

Dr. Ana Branco is a doctor with a specialty in Pediatrics, and a specialization in Developmental Pediatrics. The development of children is an orderly sequence of progressive transformations resulting in an increase in the degree of complexity of the organism. It is distinguished from growth by referring to changes in the composition and functioning of cells (cell differentiation), maturation of systems and organs and the acquisition of new functions.

For the purpose of study, either the succession of phases can be considered an isolated organic system, for example the thymus and / or the immune system, as the organism as a whole, such as the locomotion capacity, which depends both on the maturation of the nervous system (including psychological characteristics) as skeletal muscle.

The development of evolutionary neurological examination is able to detect early from the first signs of severe dysfunctions such as cerebral palsy and mental deficiency to the so-called minimal cerebral dysfunctions, allowing an intervention capable of minimizing the progression of damage.

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